I Just Might Keep Doing This!



                Once in my life I thought it would be easy to do. I have seen in movies how the protagonists would blog non stop and have their creativity flow out of their finger tips like magic powers that transform into words that feed the digital world of ones individuality. I made this blog for the class “Informatica 103” and said to myself this was an easy task to keep up. Well, It blew up on my face. I want to keep it up it might just be good for me. Maybe in the future this knowledge on how to keep one might just help my future career. Thank for everybody’s support!


Pirates are the 21st century Robin Hoods.


I’m going to be blunt here. There are a lot of grey areas concerning Piracy. People are always saying how that’s bad, and illegal, and how I am bound to got to jail. My counter argument is this: It is only Illegal if I sell it forward for something i didn’t pay for. “But Joe it is still stealing from the person who made it.”  – the annoying person says. Well, you caught me there… NOT! The economy is really bad nowadays. I am not going to spend $30 on a DVD , which film i didn’t see in the movies! and renting it has become a nightmare and Netflix just doesn’t have the films I am interested in, EX: they only have Terminator 2! not even the first film, And I am way past broke to buy the film.  I hate when people steal yes! But Walmart doesn’t really have much!  Not to mention that Disney gives movies a certain months and then takes it away, so it creates more demand.

Wait Joe! You’re forgetting music!  Yeah about music! The music industry complains about us people pirating their songs or albums, well news flash if we like we will buy you! I remember when I was a really big fan of Good Charlotte… till the last album stunk so bad i was ashamed of such an album. And that is money I’ll never get back. It is frustrating for the music industry, but they don’t really care about their market target… us music listeners.

Books! depends on which book. Classical books are all around but since they bring out new editions and nicer looking books (which I do not mind at all) they get overly priced. sometimes there are sacrifices to be made. In the end I’ll still buy the copy.

In the end of all things there are reasons! Companies stop being greedy!


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One of the most awesome things ever invented! THE RADIO!


The Radio: 

We could all thank for the fun we have in  the car, the fun we have cleaning the house, and for all the news in  the mornings (especially when there’s traffic) to this guy:

His name is Guglielmo Marconi! (April 25, 1874, Bologna-Died: July 20, 1937, Rome).  He sent and received his first radio signal in Italy in 1895. But, in later years Tesla became the patent of this invention because Marconi’s patent was overturned in the supreme court in 1943 in favor of Tesla.

And I thought you were different than Edison... tsk tsk tsk.

And I thought you were different than Edison… tsk tsk tsk.

In 1917, when the United States entered the first world war , all radio  was controlled by the U.S. Navy to prevent its possible use by enemy spies. The U.S. government took over control of all patents related to radio technology.

In 1919, after the government released its control of all patents, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) was established with the purpose of distributing control of the radio patents that had been restricted during the war. This was the time when the military had control of all radio transmissions.

The first time the human voice was transmitted by radio is debatable  Claims to that distinction range from the phase, “Hello Rainey” spoken by Natan B. Stubblefield to a test partner near Murray, Kentucky, in 1892, to an experimental program of talk and music by Reginald A. Fessenden, in 1906, which was heard by radio-equipped ships within several hundred miles.

True Broadcasting Begins

In 1915, speech was first transmitted across the continent from New York City to San Francisco and across the Atlantic Ocean from Naval radio station NAA at Arlington, Virginia, to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

On November 2, 1920, Westinghouse’s KDKA-Pittsburgh broadcast the Harding-Cox election returns and began a daily schedule of radio programs.

The first ship-to-shore two way radio conversation occurred in 1922, between Deal Beach, New Jersey, and the S.S. America, 400 miles at sea. However, it was not until 1929 that high seas public radiotelephone service was inaugurated. At that time telephone contact could be made only with ships within 1,500 miles of shore. Today there is the ability to telephone nearly every large ship wherever it may be on the globe.

Commercial radiotelephony linking North America with Europe was opened in 1927, and with South America three years later. In 1935 the first telephone call was made around the world, using a combination of wire and radio circuits.

FM Radio

Edwin Howard Armstrong invented frequency-modulated or FM radio in 1933. FM improved the audio signal of radio by controlling the noise static caused by electrical equipment and the earth’s atmosphe. Until 1936, all American transatlantic telephone communication had to be routed through England. In that year, a direct radiotelephone circuit was opened to Paris. Telephone connection by radio and cable is now accessible with 187 foreign points.

Radio technology has grown significantly since its early development. In 1947, Bell Labs scientists invented the transistor. In 1954, a then small Japanese company called Sony introduced the transistor radio.

FM Antenna System

In 1965, the first Master FM Antenna system in the world designed to allow individual FM stations to broadcast simultaneously from one source was erected on the Empire State Building in NYC.

Now, the radio is even in the internet, which for me… AWESOME IDEA! but it tends to be not so fluid since it depends on WiFi connection. Nothing pisses anyone more when it lags right in the middle of their jam. but there are barely any fashionable portable radios that don’t have to be used with long antennas.

See what i meant with the antenna.

Today, there are downloadable apps that are radios:

Those are some of the best ones around, though some radio stations do have their own website so you can hear them live, and even their own apps so you could take them with you just in case you don’t want to miss their programming.


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MIRA! MIRA! LOOK UP! of Maristella Colón Astacio


A recent exhibition opened up in the art gallery in my university. The tittle is Mira, Mira! look up! It’s totally incredible! I am aware that not many people are fond of abstract art, but Maristella’s techniques are very amazing and her painting reminds a lot of the phenomena that happens in the Arctic, the aurora lights.  The mixed media used on the canvas is truly relaxing to me and makes me look up and wonder if it will happen in tropical skies. I personally love the darker ones like this one:

It reminds me when the sun won’t give up on a rainy day.  I truly enjoyed her pieces of art they truly moved feelings in me. I can only describe the texture but it is so much better when you can see it in person. The richness is surely an experience.  though her style is repetitive, it is much better than staring at straight squares in white backgrounds. I give this exhibition 7/10 to go see. Why? Like I have previously mentioned, the art is repetitive and although mesmerizing at first it tends to drag a little.

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