Books I Do Recommend! (To read for fun)


These are books that I have become eternally attached with and i want to share them with you. Simply because books have always been my friends and i want to share the knowledge and escape they have provided me.

1)    In the number one spot is a book that jumped to this place right after i have finished reading it and it is a must read for any heavy reader and for the light reader also! And the book is:

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”  by Stephen  Chbosky.


2) The Anita Blake Series  by Laurell K. Hamilton

Vampires, Lycanthropes  (were-animals of various kinds), voodoo, zombies murder and erotica. This series never gets boring to me and I recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy and horror with erotica.

3) The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Erotica, romance, comedy and mythology. This series packs serious romance but with warriors that know how to battle yet how to battle in bed.

4) The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

Now despite its controversies with the film “Battle Royale (2001)”, The books Collins wrote happen to be taken to a more dystopian and sci-fi  level. I truly went through so many emotions through this series that it is hard not to recommend.

5) Zombies vs. Unicorns  (Holly black and Justine Larbalestier)

A compilation of stories of zombies, and unicorns.

no kidding this is the actual book cover.

no kidding this is the actual book cover.

6) The Night World  series by L.J. Smith

7) By the Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters

I’ll leave this at seven because I’m just that random (this is an excuse for not remembering other titles).  I do hope you’ll some day pick up these books and enjoy reading them as much as I did.

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A Vision of Students Today!


Every student has a downfall, They do not like to study. Then there are those that want to make something of themselves, so, we always look for the best universities we could get into. In some way we’re always questioning the classes we take every year. Why am I taking an algebra class if my bachelors degree is  in art?  Well, when you come to look at it, we are still paying for those classes that we hate to take. The debt is ours not the universities. Nonetheless, we have to get a part time job in already tight schedule, spend endless hours in a laboratory, buy text books that we will never read, buy a laptop because the library is full of Facebook users, survive on 65 cent ramen packets because we can’t afford real and nutritional food etc etc. Hell, We even to sacrifice our privacy during those years because sometimes professors are just assholes and lazy people that they don’t know the updated times going on around them. And to those that do GOD BLESS YOU! Why?  You make us, the students, feel like our dreams are actually worth something, like what we are studying is something that if we apply it to our future professional selves we could really be something. but those that are in the god bless category, students represent you in the end and you will always be remembered as that asshole professor that failed to teach me the class.

Technology, is a blessing to us! It cuts down a lot of problems we students have. E-mails, sites that could help us study, internet (of course), and its faster to write in a computer than to write by hand when you have to do those “40,000” page essays they send you to do about a dead person. It makes the learning process a more interesting, true, BUT, They abuse of it. How?  Easy! Teachers get lazier with it. The real dynamic is from the person teaching not their presentations, They are the ones with the real knowledge, not a “smart” bundle of plastic and metal pieces. And not to mention it is by far the most distracting things to have near. Especially an university student. Facebook is a big temptation to us all! just like for me is Tumblr. That’s why in my opinion the notebook shall remain mandatory, not to mention that GRAMMAR IS STILL IMPORTANT TO LEARN!

Classes should be more practical in the sense the professor should always ask the opinions and be more dynamic. Allowing a student to express their opinions may it being wrong or right it shall always be encouraged in class, and debates are always fun but with ultimate control to not create fights. Then there are the hybrid classes, 50% classroom presence and 50% online class. Let’s skip the bull crap, I am paying hundreds of dollars for a class to be taught by a living, breathing person. NOT A MACHINE. If i have a question because I did not understand the material written in the online module the machine will just answer “0100100101110101”. Is it really important to make technology  the greatest advancement? Yes! but there should be a point where it would be wonderful to just  kick it old school.

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